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To people who wish for perfection …

Studio photography LVL-PHOTO is one of the few studios in Russia, equipped with photographic equipment of HIGHT-END class, and meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.

LVL-PHOTO is located near the city center, has a separate entrance and secure parking for several cars. The Studio works with the technique of the world's leaders of professional equipment, such as LEAF (Israel), ROLLEI (Germany), SINAR, BRONCOLOR and FOBA (Switzerland all of them).

Medium format camera LEAF with digital back 56 megapixels and a large set of optics from SCHNEIDER and CARL ZEISS let you take pictures with unsurpassed quality and detail. Camera SINAR P3 with digital back SB EVOLUTION and a large set of optics from RODENSTOCK, owing to advances, lets you to correct perspective distortion and to control the plane of sharpness, when you shoot objects, interiors and architecture. SB EVOLUTION has the ability to shoot in 4 passes, which makes it indispensable in creating fine art photography and other items, when interpolation is not allowed.

BRONCOLOR – is world’s leader of lighting equipment. The studio uses top generators SCORO A4S, and a mobile generator MOBIL A2R with a wide range of light heads and nozzles, including PARA has a 3.3 meters diameter, which allows you to create any lighting scheme, and to "freeze" motion.

Suspension systems, tripods, including a tripod-column weighing 130 kg, the object tables and other auxiliary fastening devices from FOBA are usable very much.

File processing is performed on the APPLE computers and the best graphic EIZO monitors (Japan) 30 inch.

It has hair salon with equipment WELLA, make-up room with makeup MAC, lounge and bathroom with shower, for customer convenience. Modern and contemporary Interior makes staying in it very comfortable.

Studio photographers Vladimir Petrov and Leonid Petrov only from the Yekaterinburg included to the Guild of Advertising Photographers and to the Federation of European Photographers. Vladimir Petrov gets a certificate of QEP in the LANDSCAPE category and Leonid Petrov gets a certificate of QEP in the ADVERTISING category at the session of the FEP in 2011 in Brussels (Qualified European Photographer). Only fourteen russian photographers have this award. The works of our photographers took some prize-winning places at the contest of FEP European Professional Photographers of the Year 2011 in categories Advertising, Portrait and Landscape. One of Leonid Petrov's photos won Gold Award. Besides Vladimir Petrov is one of the ten finalists of the prestigious international competition MASTERS, 2010, conducted by HASSELBLAD (www.hasselblad.com).